Individuals & Families: Variety of Resources

For those seeking to improve their own finances, communicate important financial information with loved ones, and/or teach their children about money – the California Financial Educators Council provides complimentary resources to help you work toward those goals.

Your efforts to improve your personal and family finances are an important part of helping us achieve our goal of helping communities work toward greater financial wellness. We hope you find these resources helpful.

Complimentary Resources Available for Individuals & Families

Personal & Partner Financial Education Current Featured Resources

Online Learning Classes & Course Workbooks

Current online workshops offered are “Fundamentals of Budgeting Workshop” and “Retirement Planning Workshop.”

Financial Reminders Calendar

Get a month-by-month schedule of significant financial events and steps that help you prepare.

Family Money Talks Series

“Couples Money Talks at All Relationship Stages” and “Talking Finances with Your Aging Parents.”

Resources for Parents Teaching Kids About Money

Family Chore Project

Gives children the opportunity to learn and practice 21st-century skills such as personal, social, and family responsibility; planning; critical thinking; reasoning; communication; and decision-making.

Activities & Lessons for Parents Teaching Kids Personal Finance

More formalized lessons help you teach your kids important financial concepts.

Teens Online Learning Class & Course Workbook

“Moving Out on Your Own: Independent Living” online learning course.

Monthly Campaigns, Challenges & Tips

Working toward greater financial strength takes consistence over time. To help you stay on your path, we provide a variety of monthly promotions designed to provide reminders, encouragement, and different learning activities.

The end goal is not financial literacy – the end goal is that you, your family, and your community achieve greater financial security over time.

Our Local Champions Across California Make this Possible

Local champions ensure that financial education programming, resources and data are provided complimentary to individuals and organizations throughout California.