California Student Loans Financial Education Test Results


Average Score of 68.82% to Date


Percentage of Passing Scores to Date


Δ: Change in Averages from Previous Data: +.97%

Participants to Date

Note: The average score for 15- to 18-year-olds was 52.56%

Statistics by Answer

Question 1.

Loan payments are based on:

Question 2.

If the current inflation rate is at 3%…

Question 3.

If you are unable to pay off the entire balance you owe in credit card debt, the best way to pay off the balance is to _____.

Question 4.

If inflation is at 2%, in what option below are you most likely to lose 2% purchasing power?

Question 5.

What is risk-based pricing?

Question 6.

Which of the following categories influence your FICO score?

Question 7.

What four main areas do lenders review to qualify a loan applicant?

Question 8.

The biggest risk of owning long-term bonds for capital preservation is:

“With the rapid decline of defined benefit pension plans, reduction of social security benefits, and more complex investment options it is vital that people possess the financial knowledge they need to make qualified investment decisions. There is a multitrillion-dollar retirement funding gap in the US today, and this test demonstrates that the average person lacks sufficient knowledge to properly plan for their golden years. ”

– Vince Shorb, CEO
National Financial Educators Council