Organizations: Resources, Support, Benefaction

The Financial Educators Council of California’s mission is to make high-quality financial education programming more accessible. We do so by helping organizations develop, deploy, and scale comprehensive financial education initiatives.

All resources and support are provided complimentary to California-based organizations with an interest in bringing financial education to their communities. Resources are available to serve all ages and to support any size and scope of financial education programming. We offer two opportunities for organizations to access these resources, one with no eligibility requirements and one with qualification guidelines.

Opportunities for Complimentary Resources

Opportunity 1) Complimentary Workshop Package & Resources

No Qualification Requirements – Instant Access

All California-based organizations are eligible to receive financial education programming resources for all ages. Package includes:

  • Curriculum & Lesson Plans (All Ages: Kids though Adult)
  • Online Learning Program (High School & College)
  • Supplemental Coursework Resources
  • Financial Education Tests & Assessments
  • Learner Outcome & Standards Guides
  • Learner Badging Opportunities

Opportunity 2) Full Financial Education Programming Benefaction

Must Meet Qualification Guidelines – Approval Within 10 Business Days

Eligible beneficiary organizations include California-based: nonprofit organizations, small businesses (under 500 employees), schools & universities, military & veterans, first responders, or community groups (youth sports teams, faith-based, adult education workshops, etc.). that:

  • Provide training to at least 30 participants annually.
  • Dedicate at least 25 hours per group to financial education programming.
  • Have internal personnel who can serve as a financial education programming lead.
  • All financial educators complete the Certified Financial Education Instructor℠ course (included).
  • Able to follow detailed measurement gathering and reporting steps.

Full Financial Education Programming Benefaction Details

Program Development & Deployment Support

  • Program Consultant. Your assigned consultant guides the lesson plans and activities that best meet learner needs.
  • Program Director. Each group is assigned a personal director who manages deployment and ongoing support needs.
  • Data Review & Redesign. Your Consultant & Director review data at set milestones and make data-driven modifications to enhance programming.

Team Training & Third-party Presenters

  • Instructor Education. CFEI® Certified Financial Education Instructor℠ Training for in-house trainers.
  • Certified Speakers. Speakers are made available through the Council and provided complimentary.
  • Trainer & Team Readiness. Training for volunteers and any others in contact with students.

Educational Resources

  • Live-presentation Resources. Over 400 hours of curriculum and presentations are curated for your learners.
  • Tech-based Learning Resources. Includes comprehensive eLearning programming and mobile learning tools.
  • Special Education Events. The individuals you serve can participate in online and in-person financial education events.

Pre-Programming Resources

  • Discovery Resources. Testing and surveys are provided in advance of the training to better understand participants’ needs.
  • Learner Experience Package. Having professional initial communication, event banners, and décor helps ensure a positive initial impression.
  • Marketing & Promotions Package. Build interest and expand the reach of the program with a provided promotion.

Post-Programming Resources

  • Ongoing Education. All participants will have access to ongoing education via calendar reminders, eLearning, and mobile application.
  • Measurement & Reporting. Tools to measure results are provided and progress reports are conducted by the CFEC.
  • Recognition Package. The NFEC provides all participants with recognition for their accomplishments – badges, certificates, and completion letters.

Funding Resources, Donations & Support

  • Funding Package. Comprehensive resources to help you raise funds includes grant guide and sponsorship tools (your organization keeps 100% of monies raised).
  • Business Resources. Receive a financial education business model plan and support building a program that can scale.
  • Monetary Donations. Starting in Year 2, select organizations will receive funding from the National Council to expand programming.

Application Full Programming Package with Support

Seeking organizations absolutely committed to helping those they serve work toward financial wellness. For those who are committed, complete the application below. Those just looking to host a workshop or who do not meet our guidelines will still receive a complete financial education workshop package.